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share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. georgia takes it into the end zone for the touchdown. >> after that play there was no turning back. after a come-from-behind win, the 49ers are on their way to the har bowl. >> nine years we've been waiting for the niners to get to the grace land. i'm ann notarangelo. >> ryan throes underneath for jones. he makes the catch and the game
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is over. the 49ers are going to the super bowl. >> it was a nail biter till the very end. they beat the atlanta falcons. next stop the big easy, the team's first super bowl since 1995 and sports director dennis o'donnell is here with more on their record comeback as i must say i didn't really enjoy the game until it was over. >> that's because they were down 17-0 and not just a super bowl and some harbaugh super bowl. get ready for that. it's the first time that two brothers have met coaching together. the 49ers have not been known as a strong comeback team and also not won three straight all season, but they prove they could win a huge game, even without their best effort and good reason to be so pumped up as they came from 17 points down. frank gore punches it in to give the team their first lead score. 90 yards in two touchdowns as they shut out the falcons in the second half to win 28-24.
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the 49ers will meet the baltimore ravens in new orleans. >> good evening from the georgia dome in atlanta. where the game may have been over just hours ago. but the tingle of that 49er win to advance to the sugar bowl will last until february 23 when they are actually there. >> a big talk for the 49ers defensively. >> we never blink. when things get bad, we give up a potential touchdown. some go bad, but we never play because we know we can fix them and the other capabilities in this locker room. >> colin, do you feel like you are justified? >> i'm thankful that he made that decision. i don't know he played great. he played great. it was a great performance by
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the quarterback. >> reporter: we'll have more insight from the guys that got it done coming up on game day. >> so they will play the baltimore ravens, coached by jim harbaugh who will at a little bill of that today. >> yes. hopefully that the leaves will be outdated come january 3 when we need the super bowl champions. >> yeah, well we all are now. immediately after the game, they are celebrating in the streets of san francisco as it was generally peaceful with the major problems and the far cry from the celebrations winning the world series as they will continue to move around the bay area. linda yee checked out a couple of them. >> i did -- i did not see some of them, but some tension down
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in the air. >> reporter: the color of the hour red and white and the same quest as we hope they will win their sixth super bowl. but the fans, they are excited and just moments after that game was over today, they hit the streets. >> reporter: they were on the sidewalk, in the bars, and parading down the stereoed. niners fever is incurable tonight. >> we're going to the super bowl. >> reporter: this guy had his own version of kaepernick and it did not take long for the new orleans themed t-shirts to hit the streets. they were moving fast. >> we've got that in going to the super bowl. >> reporter: throughout the celebrating city, cops were keeping a close eye on public drinking, confiscating gaily
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kor consumed on the sidewalk. nothing can dampen the bay area team headed for the super bowl. police presence was very heavy all over the city tonight. but they say that they only had a handful of arrests for public transenness and a good night. >> that's good to hear. linda yee, thank you so much. juliette goodrich talked to some of the 49ers faithful. >> oh my gosh, we're in love. all of our friends from the southwest. we've been the san francisco 49ers fans. the bay is dominating. the bay is just dominating. >> yes. >> and stay tuned. >> reporter: you could have had a best of both worlds with the sharks game on and you also have the playoffs that will be going on. is your eye going back and forth today? >> well it is kind of weird,
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you know, you're cheering for the niners. did you want to get that super bowl achieving that. starting off their season to get to the stanley cup as i would like to see them go at it, but my arts is in san francisco. you can watch them in the super bowl on cbs 5. two weeks from today, sunday, february 3 in new orleans. kick off is at 3:30 and the week leading up to the super bowl, we'll have a team of reporters in the big easy covering the niners and bay area fans. now to the presidential inauguration, workers spent the day putting the final touches on the day where the president and vice president are vice presidents tomorrow as required, the official ceremony took in today. >> hi joseph r. biden jr. so solemnly swear. >> reporter: president obama joe biden was sworn in today by
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sonya society meyer -- sonya sotomayor. this ceremony was small and private. both being sworn in on the steps. covering all the knowledge for you with chris chris. >> that's right. we're just hours away and thousands of security officers will be out waiting to welcome about 700,000 people expected to cram the mall watching president obama make history the second time around. president obama wrapped up his second term in washington. >> after we celebrate. let's make sure we work as hard as we can to pass on an
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america. also in our feature future. >> the institution of the united states -- the constitution of the united states. >> it was over in less than a minute. they require the swearing in on the 20th of january because the day where they will do it again for the public. on the national mall, security is set along with miles of sensing. >> you can see the preparations here on the national mall and here behind me, they will be having that happen for the inaugural ceremony. >> reporter: they won't be as big as the one to four years ago compared to 1.89 million. >> i see the excitement and energy. though it will not be as large, it will be just as wonderful.
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>> once a day of distinction all their own, hoping to inspire their very young son. >> i will tell him to strive for the best, maybe you could be the first hispanic. >> all right as part of the weather as everyone has been talking about it, it looks like it will be a lot warmer than what it was four years ago with the colden temperatures in the area here. but as far as their speech here, they apparently started it december, still putting the finishing touches on it this weekend. >> have you heard anything about what he might say in the inaugural address. >> he will not lay out specifics, but he will be talking about his vision for the second term. so we will not hear a point by
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-- state of the union. and -- and join us tomorrow at 10:00 for the complete coverage. christin ayers will be there to cover it all for you. coverage begins at 4:30 on eyewitness news this morning. and the public swearing in is at 8:55 followed by the president's inaugural speech. all tomorrow morning on cbs 4. being called the new occupy effort. this one deals with houseboat. fighting a promoed yet that has force the them owl. they think that will happen. how do the fans react to all of it? a high surf advisory will carry out on to monday. we'll have your complete back to work forecast as eyewitness
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news continues right here on the cw. ,,,, ♪ ♪
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hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. fatal shooting outside the y fair station. they say a man in his 50's was caught the fire police are looking for surveillance video out a bar where a man in his 50s was caught in the cross fire of a gun battle between two groups. a woman was also injured. one person was arrested, several others are still on the loose. no other information has been released. chopper 5 happened upon this house fire. late this afternoon homes were ranging from the second-story
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window just before 5:00. no one hurt, but two adults and two children now don't have place to call home. they say that they are not leaving as it has been a long- time fixture in redwood city. but they informed tenants that they were styling and they would have to take their boats out by next month. most are left, but as anna werner shows us, they will stay. mike? >> he's been here for 12 years, living on a boat at peace harbor in redwood city. >> it's a historic waterway like the nature channel. >> reporter: but the owners are getting ready to get rid of it, sell asking for the outer. about a dozen remains. >> we believe the difference to the public trust land that belongs to the people of california. it will should stay with the
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people of california. >> reporter: while it is private land, the outer harbor belongs to the state, run by pete's harbor on relief. the boat is then leased. and those leases are expired. >> the small number of the hang ons if you will. and that they will be there in an effort to occupy ann harbor as we feel like that is not the appropriate action and not beneficial to anybody. >> reporter: but the fight continues. today a fundraiser at a tavern at woodside for the pending legal fight. the group's lawyer is also a harbor resident. so there is hope that everyone would with able to -- would be able to return. >> people were afraid they would get sued. a judgment that their city would be ruled over. filing a lawsuit with the san mateo county imperil court. >> some of the people have a meeting with thursday in sacramento. in redwood city, cbs 5.
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one of their biggest competition happens right here in the bay area and the mavericks ini have national will take place at from around the world, they took on the giant wave followed by san francisco and greg long. qbc reporter show -- a cbs reporter shows you how important this is. >> those who wanted to see a big wave first had to deal with the big wait. >> we were assuming we could have gotten tickets when we got here, but i didn't think that it would be sold out. >> all over the world people come here to see mavericks. >> i think that they are all here too. >> reporter: once inside they pulled up lawn chairs for a chance to walk a close circuit broadcast of the greatest surfers taking on some of the big waves for the planet. they were restricted to this hotel parking lot when authorities, they closed the
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beach after being washed out to sea two years ago. they miss the bluffs, but at mitts that it probably makes more sense. >> it is really hard to tell who is in what position and who is doing well and not so well. >> the fact that it's surfers, this kind of amazes me. so i mean, we've got surfers. >> one advantage to watching on the screen is the introduction of the go pro cameras to the telecast. the small wide angle cameras were a lie to get -- the small wide angle cameras, where it shows how big it is. it's pretty cool. >> cool, but not cold and that appealed to brad haywood who is visiting here from michigan. >> that is exactly what they would have expected californians to do, to spend
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the sunday watching the surfing on a big screen in the middle of the parking lot. >> reporter: okay, so we weren't on the beach, but the sun was shining and the boys were surfing and we weren't in michigan. what's not to like about that? at half moon bay, genre. 66 degrees at half moon bay. one thing i want to mention. when you were talking about the winner. >> yes. >> do you remember how old he is, what you were saying? >> 43 years old. >> yes. when is the last time you heard a 43-year-old win anything? >> right. he's been surfing for two decades. >> i like that whether he knows that -- knows that. and he owns it as the winners of mavericks. congratulations there. the high surf advisory remains in effect for the complete bay area of the mavericks. in fact it runs from the snow hoe mental anguish coast to the
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north -- snohomish runs from the snow area anguish coast to north. it was 69 in oakland. these numbers are very similar to what you vex experienced yesterday. 64 degrees in san jose and 65 in santa rosa up from the average high of this time of the year, 257 degree -- 57 degrees. look out towards san francisco where it was 64. again, out for 57. now, 53 degrees. all right tumbling well into the 30s some freezing views in santa rosa as well as the trivalley. mid to upper 30s, they will encompass the side of santa clara and 33 degrees at nap. this is san jose by the way, looking at city hall with the clear skies. starry skies. we won't see semipros few.
10:20 pm
swells are eight to ten feet as we will have a cooler and cloudier forecast by midweek. first thing is first. area of the low pressure. look at the clouds continue to wrap around the ridge of storm tray. we'll continue to experiment a staggering weather pattern. pretty much what you have experienced yesterday as we did it today and again for the holiday and then on tuesday before we will start to see the changes. but count on future cast. and for you to know when they will increase across the bay area with mostly cloudy skies by 10:00 p.m. on wednesday night. cloudy and keel with a slight chance of the rain shower by wednesday another. now, until this, 63 degrees in s mako. after tonight's forecast, a lot of ones to zeros. a string of 6 0s across the
10:21 pm
board -- 60s across the bay, forecasting a high of 70 degrees. low 70s in santa cruz. beaches is where it is at for the holidays. otherwise check this out. the clouds will be rolling in on wednesday with partial clearing on thursday and on friday. and then we will reintroduce a chance of rain showers on saturday and sunday, but no rain on our holiday tomorrow for martin luther king day. a lot of people are gathering outside to catch the train, riding on into town, right? >> yes. >> for dennis o'donnell, you have something, but sunshine with the 60 degrees. >> gorgeous day for whatever you've got going. barbara walters isn't the hospital. tonight what happened at an inaugural party that has doctors keeping a close eye on her friday night. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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the supernatural horror film scared off the competition the box office this weekend. and oscar- nominated star jessica chastain scored a one-two punch. "mama" took in 28-million dollars. an oscar-nominated star
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scored a one-two punch. mama took in $28 million. "zero dark thirty" earned an oscar nomination as well with more than $17 million. "silver lining playbook" was in third place. "gangster squad and broken city" rounded out the top five. barbara walters is hospitalized tonight after a nasty fall at a washington, d.c. party. the veteran newsroom was at the home of the british ambassador to the united states last night when she fell and hit her head, suffering a cut to her forehead, admitted to the hospital as a precaution. walters who is 83 is alert and reportedly telling the staff what to do, which they say is a good sign. kim kardashian and her family are the latest family to be swatted. swatting is becoming a popular trend in southern california and it involves a prankster calling in on an emergency at a celebrity's home trying to get the swat team to show up. the reality show star took to
10:25 pm
twitter to call the prank dangerous. the california law enforcement leaders were asking state lawmakers to make it a felony. last year at this time there was not a very happy day in the harbaugh household. well what a difference a year could make for both harbaughs. we're next. ,,,, so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade"
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third coming into the nfc championships, the 49ers had not won three straight games in all year. they needed that third win to keep their super bowl dreams alive. the game could not have started worse for the had theres -- 49ers, 10-0. incredible catch,
10:28 pm
the former alabama star making it 17-0. san francisco storms back, down 3 in the 4th. he finishes with 90 yards and two touchdowns. 49ers will take the lead. 113 left in the game. 49ers up by 4 going for the win. matt ryan's pass batted down by navarro bowman and that is the game. magnificent in the second half shooting them out in the final 28, 29 they punch their pickets it -- their picks to it as well, outplaying tom brady. he outscored them 21-0 in the second half. flacco to bolden for the second time of the night. so it will be the harbaugh bowl two weeks from tonight in super bowl xlvii. one week from tonight, our shows will be from jackson
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square in new orleans. >> yes. >> that's nice. a couple of hurricanes. [ laughter ] >> and you probably me back some of the beads. >> yes. we know that you have been using them. >> i'm sure that some of them will be nicknaming that bro bowl. >> that's right. >> all right, that will wrap it up for us at 10:00. we'll see you at 11:00. and dennis will have game day at 11:35, good night. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver

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